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IEEE Conference Record Number : #43907     IEEE ISBN No. # 978-1-5386-4119-4 Welcome to ICACCCN-2018, is going to be held on 12-13th October 2018. Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE UP Section.All accepted & presented papers of the Conference by duly registered authors, will be submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library for Publication. Venue for Conference: D-Block Auditorium, Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, 1, Knowledge Park, Phase II, Greater Noida (U.P.) - 201306.

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One Day Machine Learning Workshop @GCET

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new gears of human evolution! Like, Self-driving cars, brain-machine interfaces, software-controlled healthcare, human chatbots and robotic automation are no longer the future, but researches are currently using these in many areas.

    Machine Learning is the language of latest intelligent machines– it lies at the intersection of mathematical algorithms, computer science and human logics. This workshop will give cutting edge ideas in state-of-the-art concepts of Machine Learning (ML) programs, as well as methods for designing new ML algorithms.

    IOT Speaker Profile

    Topics to be covered in this workshop:

    1) Intro to Machine Learning.

    • What is machine learning?
    • Application of machine learning
    • Types of machine learning
    • Supervised Machine Learning
    • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    • Reinforcement Machine Learning

    2) Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning

    • What is Azure Machine Learning Studio?
    • Setting up of environment
    • Quick Tour of Azure ML Studio
    • What’s an Experiment?
    • Components of Experiment
      • Data-set
      • Modules

    3) Key Machine Learning Terms

    • Data Exploration
    • Data Mining
    • Descriptive Analytics
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Training of Data
    • Testing / Evaluation Data

    4) Importing of Data

    • Overview
    • From a local file
    • From Online Sources
    • From an Experiment

    5)How to choose an Algorithm

    • Accuracy
    • Training time
    • Linearity
    • Number of parameters
    • Number of features

    6) Regression

    • Regression Overview
    • Understanding Linear Regression
    • Types of regression
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Multiple Linear Regression

    7) Hands on Azure ML

    • Working with Simple Linear Regression
    • Managing Work-space
    • Importing of Data
    • Data Pre-processing
    • Visualization and Analyzing of Data-set
    • Splitting of Data-set into training and Testing set
    • Configuring the Model
    • Evaluation of Model
Note: Payment Mode-On Spot Registration. For Attendee and Author 1000 INR & for Students 500 INR.


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